Awawanna Beach in Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi Province

Karakelong Island is the prime island in Talaud Regency. Not only it is the biggest, but the island also becomes the home of its capital, which is Melonguane City. Well, there are other reasons why it becomes the center of tourist attraction. One of them is the fact that it holds several beautiful beaches including Awawanna. This one is located in Kiama Induk Village and belongs to Melonguane Sub-District, actually. So, what makes it popular? According to the locals, the beach is famous for its excellent facilities and amusing sea scenery. Thanks to the local government. They have conducted several improvements to the beach over time.

The Nuance
As compared to other beaches in Talaud Regency, Awawanna has better facilities and accommodations. No wonder, visitors would spend much time comfortably there. In fact, they can find several gazebos located near to the shore. This explains why many people come to the beach for relaxation. What about the nuance? The beach doesn’t feature sandy landscape. Instead, many stones are scattered by the shoreline. These create a natural border, preventing the waves from approaching the land. Somehow, the appearance is similar to that of Java’s northern beaches.

Exploring Awawanna Beach
The main allure in Awawanna Beach is the atmosphere, which is both soothing and peaceful. The breezy wind of the beach feels so much comfortable, especially in the morning. That means relaxation becomes the prime activity that tourists might do there. Unfortunately, the beach doesn’t feature any sand surface so tourists should wear comfortable footwear when exploring the site. It is because the landscape is rocky, so going barefoot is not quite recommended.

Aside from relaxation, visitors can do other fun things in Awawanna Beach including swimming. It is true the waves are calm, so those with experience are allowed to swim in the sea. Parents with kids should not let the children to carelessly enter the water, though. For a more casual activity, fishing is indeed a good idea. The only consideration is related to the equipment. No nearby facilities are available, so tourists should carry their own fishing rod and other equipment when visiting the beach.

If tourists come at the right time, they may meet famous fishes in Awawanna Beach called Gorango. It is a kind of shark, actually. Despite the name, these fishes are harmless. One thing, tourists are not allowed to catch or fish them. As an alternative, it is allowed to take pictures of these fishes using a camera or smartphone. Later, in the afternoon, they can also see the stunning sunset by the shore!

Nearby Attractions

  • Melonguane City
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How to Get There
From the capital of North Sulawesi Province, Manado City, tourists should take an airplane at Sam Ratulangi International Airport. Their destination is definitely Melonguane Airport at Karakelong Island. Have no worries. The flight only takes about 1 hour. Once arriving at Melonguane City, they can simply take any local transportation service and head to Awawanna Beach right away. For the information, this trip takes only about 45 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Mentari Inn

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