Mabaris Ceremony of Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi Province

One of the reasons for visiting a specific region is definitely to enjoy its Indonesian local traditions. In Talaud Regency, for example, there is Mabaris Ceremony. The locals gather in an open field and perform some dances together. Well, it is done either during the Christmas or New Year Day. The good thing is tourists are also allowed to join the ceremony. So, what is the purpose of the event? In a nutshell, it is to celebrate such happy days in a merrier manner. Somehow, the ceremony has attracted more tourists over time too. Thus, everyone should not miss the chance to enjoy the event when visiting Talaud later.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the nuance is merry due to the presence of lots of people who join the ceremony. The locals gather on the street and perform a casual dance together! At the time, no single vehicle is seen there. What about the costume? Well, there is no specific attire as participants can use any clothes! The most important aspect is the happiness itself. All people become one and enjoy the ceremony together regardless of the age, gender, and social status. This explains why outsiders and tourists are also attracted to it.

Exploring Mabaris Ceremony
What tourists need to pay attention is related to the time of visit. It is because the locals only conduct the event at a specific time. Thus, tourists should know the schedule first before joining the ceremony. If it is necessary, they need to hire the help of a tour guide who knows well regarding the information. Have no worries. It takes no fee for joining the event. The only expense is the tour guide fee.

Many reasons lure tourists to watch and join Mabaris Ceremony in Talaud Regency. One of them is the meaning of the event itself. It is said the locals conduct the ceremony in a regular manner in order to strengthen their brotherhood and equality. In fact, all people are allowed to join regardless of their social status. Everyone becomes one and celebrate it joyfully. The purpose is to celebrate both Christmas and New Year Day happily together.

During the ceremony, people gather in the street and dance together harmoniously accompanied by groovy music. Some of them dance with their partner, as well. As for the accompaniment, it involves guitar, drums, and other traditional musical instruments. The event starts at noon after praying in the church. As for the duration, it lasts until evening! Here is the tip. Tourists should carry some snacks and drinks to avoid tiredness while joining the event. Also, it is recommended to carry a camera to take pictures during the ceremony.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Manado City, tourists need to take an airplane from Sam Ratulangi Airport and head to Talaud Regency right away. Their destination is Melonguane Airport at Karakelong Island. The flight takes around 1 hour and 5 minutes actually. Once arriving at the destination, they can simply find a tour guide who knows exactly when the ceremony is held.

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  • Mentari Inn

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