Tambioe Beach in Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi Province

Another beach reference resides in Talaud Regency, which is called Tambioe. The location is in Karakelong Island and it is known for its exotic white sand and romantic view of the sunset in the dusk. That means most tourists come to the beach to enjoy sightseeing and photography. Some local kids also come to the beach to play fun sports like football and volleyball, in fact. No wonder, the atmosphere is considered merry especially in the afternoon when many nearby villagers come to the site.

The Nuance
Now it is the time to talk about the nuance. Once arriving at Tambioe Beach, the first impression is its pristine atmosphere. The shoreline features beautiful white sand and the shore has calm waves. The wind feels comfortable and warm, so the site is suitable for relaxation too. The unique thing is tourists may find two simple goalposts built by local kids on the shoreline. No wonder, those kids often come to the beach to play football after all. What is the next feature? Visitors may also find many colorful stones and small corals there!

Exploring Tambioe Beach
The white sand of Tambioe Beach becomes the major allure of the site. In this case, tourists can simply enjoy beach walking and relaxation on the shoreline. They don’t even need to wear footwear as the texture of the sand is quite soft. It is even comfortable to sit by the shore and watch sea scenery with families. The wind feels soothing and the atmosphere is peaceful at a particular time. For those who look for a merrier nuance, they should come in the afternoon when many kids are seen on the beach though.

Here is the good news. Tambioe Beach is located on the roadside. Thus, the accessibility is quite excellent and tourists can simply park their vehicle on the site. As mentioned before, most tourists come to the beach to enjoy sightseeing and relaxation. However, they are also attracted to play football with local kids. Have no worries. Those children are friendly enough and would let any tourists join the game. The only consideration is related to the time of visit. It is recommended to come to the beach in the afternoon or before sunset.

The next recommended thing to do in Tambioe Beach is to buy and eat fresh fishes from local fishermen. Sometimes, even nearby villagers may lend cooking equipment to grill those fishes by the shore. This activity should be done during sunset, so the atmosphere becomes more soothing. Also, everyone should come with either families or friends. The purpose is to make the nuance merrier!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Manado City, it takes a flight from Sam Ratulangi International Airport to Melonguane Airport at Karakelong Island. It takes approximately 1 hour. Once arriving at Melonguane City, the next thing to do is to get to the beach right away by local transportation service. This trip takes about 2 hours, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Mentari Inn

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