Intata Island in Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi Province

Located in North Sulawesi Province, Talaud Regency should be everyone’s next vacation destination, especially for those who love nature of Indonesia. The region consists of about several beautiful islands for tourists to explore, in fact. One of them is called Intata! Here is the fact. The island is bordering with Philippine. That means it is considered one of the outermost islands of the nation. Despite the long voyage and secluded location, no one would regret visiting the island. It is because visitors feel like spending a vacation on a private island! Not to mention the nuance is both beautiful and comfortable.

The Nuance
As mention before, Intata Island has a small size. However, it has complete natural features including lush plants, beautiful shorelines, majestic corals, crystal clear seawater, and many others. The location is in the north of Sulawesi Island belongs to Indonesia. To be exact, it resides beside Kakorotan Island. In terms of nuance, what tourists can find are the formation of dense coconut trees and beautiful white sandy beaches! As for the best shorelines, tourists should head to the either west or south part of the island. It is because the landscape is rocky in the east part of the island, which is not suitable to enjoy water sports.

Exploring Intata Island
In some parts of Intata Island, tourists may find soft-textured landscapes which are suitable for relaxation and beach walking. The sand has the texture which is similar to that of flour. When it comes to the sea, it has beautiful Tosca green color with bluish gradation. Do not forget the comfy Zephyr of the coast as well! With all these features, tourists can easily get rid of stresses by visiting nearby beaches.

The fact is that Intata Island only has the width of 0.15 km per square! That means tourists can easily explore the island without spending too much stamina. In the south part of the island, it is dominated by white sandy beaches. In the east, tourists may find rocky landscapes which are suitable for exploration and photography. For those who love water sports, they can enjoy various fun activities including swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The sloping sea surface and numerous types of corals lure snorkelers to get in the water right away, for sure. What they need is only proper diving equipment and ample experience to enjoy the activity.

The next allure of Intata Island is definitely the history. It is said Intata was the part of Kakorotan Island. Due to a big earthquake and tsunami, though, those islands were separated! Have no worries. It is easy to get to the neighboring island by boat, which is suitable for island hopping!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Karakelong Island

How to Get There
From Manado City, tourists only need to take an airplane from Sam Ratulangi Airport to Malonguane Airport. The flight takes about an hour, actually. Once arriving at Talaud, tourists only need to find a boat service at Nanusa Sub-District. For the information, the voyage may take around 4-6 hours to get to Intata Island. It can be faster if tourists take a speedboat, though.

Where to Stay

  • Mentari Inn

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