Garat Island in Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi Province

Talaud Islands is part of Indonesia. Well, many tourists may have recognized the charm of it especially due to the presence of tens of exotic islands. For those who look for the most peaceful one, though, there is Garat Island. Here is the fact. The government has given a Kalpataru Honor to the island due to its pristine environment. Despite lacking a nice conservation, the island keeps luring tourists over time! They want to enjoy the nuance and explore the island, after all.

The Nuance
The first allure of Garat Island is definitely the peaceful atmosphere. It is because the island has no inhabitants at all. What tourists may find is a dense forest with numerous types of trees and plants. It is also the home of famous species of birds including Maleo. Due to the greed of the locals, the number of these birds decreases over time though. This is why all visitors are prohibited in spoiling the environment and catching any animals living there. What is more? The island is surrounded by shorelines! Thus, tourists can walk around the island by following those shorelines (even though it would be quite tiring).

Exploring Garat Island
Most visitors have the same reason for visiting Garat Island, which is to enjoy the serenity. It is because the island has no inhabitants at all, so visitors can get rid of stresses easily. Not only it offers a peaceful atmosphere, but it also comes with a soothing environment. Thanks to the shady forest. The problem is that most part of the island is covered by trees, so everyone should explore it carefully. For the safest trip, it is better to hire a tour guide before heading to the island.

The next impressive allure of Garat Island is definitely the presence of Maleo birds! The fact is the island has become the habitat of these birds for decades! No wonder, it is considered easy to spot this beautiful species during the exploration. Well, taking pictures is allowed but tourists should avoid catching them. Not to mention it is not allowed to spoil the environment, as it may ruin the habitat of those birds. Their number has decreased due to illegal hunting, after all.

What is more? Well, Garat Island is not only about beautiful fauna and serene atmosphere. It is because tourists can also enjoy sightseeing and beach walking there. On top of that, many people also take advantage of the beauty of the sea to enjoy snorkeling or diving! The stunning corals never fail to amuse everyone, for sure.

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How to Get There
Have no worries. It is easy to get to Garat Island. From Manado City, the first destination is Melonguane City. Tourists only need to get an airplane at Sam Ratulangi International Airport to get there. The flight takes around 1 hour and 5 minutes, actually. Once arriving at Melonguane, they should head to Nanusa Sub-District (where the island resides) by boat which takes around 3 hours!

Where to Stay

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