Beautiful Pesisir Timur Karakelang Beach, Talaud Regency

Not many foreign tourists are aware of the beauty of Talaud Regency located in North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. Well, the locals call it Kepulauan Talaud or Talaud Islands. That means tourists may find lots of beautiful islands there including Karakelang. In such biggest island, visitors have a nice famous vacation destination called Pesisir Timur Karakelang Beach. Even though it doesn’t come with nice facilities and accommodations, the beach has an incomparable beauty and an amusing nuance for tourists to enjoy during holidays. The site is perfect for relaxation and enjoying family recreation, actually.

The Nuance
The first recognizable feature of Pesisir Timur Karakelang Beach is definitely the white sand. It even has a soft texture, so it is safe to walk on it barefoot. The next impressive feature of this Indonesia beach is the formation of big coral reefs that scatter in different parts of the shore. Some of these stones even have bushes growing on them! In terms of size, they are indeed big and look majestic (which are suitable for photography). For the information, the shoreline has the length of about 12 km. That means it is perfect for beach walking. Do not forget the fact that the landscape is sloping and the waves are considered small! No wonder, most visitors are likely to enjoy swimming there.

Exploring the Pesisir Timur Karakelang Beach
Once arriving at Tampan’amma Sub-District, tourists are able to see the beach right away. The location is behind the local settlement, actually. Have no worries. Visitors can access the site either from Dapalan or Riung Village. The question is what they can do once getting to the beach. As for the best activity, it is definitely sightseeing. That means tourists only need to sit comfortably near to the shoreline and watch sea scenery. The most noticeable feature is indeed the formation of big coral reefs that scatter on the shore. The waves hit them and create a loud noise as well! What a great nuance!

Pesisir Timur Karakelang Beach is also known for its exotic white sand. Not only it has a stunning color, but it also comes with a soft texture! That means tourists can walk on it comfortably either by wearing footwear or barefoot. However, the best time to enjoy beach walking is either in the morning or afternoon. The purpose is to avoid the heat of the sun, which may ruin the fun of it.

The only disappointment is that tourists are not allowed to swim in the sea. It is because Pesisir Timur Karakelang Beach has big and fierce waves. Instead, it is quite recommended to enjoy photography. What people need is a good camera and perfect location to take pictures!

Nearby Attractions

  • Melonguane City
  • Kabaruang Island
  • Sara Island

How to Get There
From the capital of North Sulawesi Province (Manado City), tourists can take an airplane at Sam Ratulangi International Airport and head to Melangguane Airport right away. Their destination is none other than Karakelang Island where Melonguane City (the capital of Talaud) resides. The flight takes approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes! Once arriving, they can simply head to the east part of the island where the beach is located. For the information, this trip takes about an hour.

Where to Stay

  • Mentari Inn

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