Larenggam Cave in Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi Province

During a visit to Talaud Regency, tourists should spare their time and head to several interesting caves including Larenggam Cave. It is located in Arangkaa Village, actually. Unlike other caves in Indonesia, this one has an interesting history for tourists to learn later. Another allure of the site is none other than the location. Tourists need to spend some time and efforts to get there, due to the challenging route. Have no worries. It becomes the opportunity to enjoy trekking and natural exploration. Somehow, the site is suitable for photography as well!

The Nuance
Even though Larenggam Cave doesn’t get enough maintenance from the local government, it offers a distinct beauty to visitors. The first fact is that the cave resides near to a stunning beach! That means tourists are able to enjoy two types of attractions at once. Also, there is a bamboo bench located near to the cave on where tourists can relax while enjoying the atmosphere of the site. As for the nuance, it feels both peaceful and soothing. It is because the cave is surrounded by old big trees and located on a hill.

Exploring Larenggam Cave
The most common reason to visit Larenggam Cave is indeed caving. That means visitors come to explore both the exterior and interior of the cave. Once arriving at the mouth of the cave, tourists may feel the mystical nuance right away. There is also a noticeable object having the shape of a container. Here is the surprising fact. The container has several skulls and bones in it! According to the locals, those are the bones of King Larenggam’s warlords. For further information regarding these bones, tourists should ask either villagers or tour guides.

For those who want to enter the cave, they need to pass through a challenging route. The landscape is considered steep and it is covered by trees’ roots. It is even said those trees have been there for hundreds of years! Not only the route is steep, but it is also slippery! Unfortunately, tourists won’t find any stairs there so they need to take steps carefully. Have no worries. No wild animals are seen, so it is going to be safe.

As for the tip, it is quite recommended to come to Larenggam Cave with a tour guide. He would be able to show directions efficiently and provide thorough information regarding the cave. It is said the cave was used by the Dutch to arrest and restrain Larenggam Kingdom’s army. No wonder, many bones are found there! It is sad that the local government hasn’t given much attention to the cave despite the historical value and tourism potential. It would be great if it gets nice facilities and accommodations, no?

Nearby Attractions

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  • Tabang Beach

How to Get There
For those coming from Manado City, they must get an airplane right away at Sam Ratulangi International Airport. The destination is none other than Melangguane Airport at Talaud Regency. This flight takes around 1 hour and 5 minutes! Once arriving at Melonguane City, they can take any available local transportation and head to the cave immediately. This trip takes about 4 hours, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Mentari Inn

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