Lotah Lake in Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi Province

Not all tourists are aware of the presence of a beautiful lake in Talaud Regency, which is called Lotah. The lake is located in Moronge Village and it belongs to Salebabu Island. That means tourists should get a boat service from Karakelong and head to Salebabu first before reaching the lake. The question is what tourists can do there. Well, aside from witnessing the flawless beauty of the lake, they can also learn an interesting legend related to this Indonesia site. Plus, the site is suitable to enjoy photography and relaxation!

The Nuance
Thanks to the peaceful and pristine environment. Lotah Lake is chosen as a prime vacation destination for those coming to Moronge Village. It is even said the lake becomes an icon of the region itself. In terms of size, it is considered moderate. The water is quite deep, though, so it is not suitable for swimming. Instead, tourists can take advantage of a small gazebo and bridge to enjoy sightseeing in a more comfortable manner. On the horizon, they may see stunning views of the nearby hills as well. Not to mention the atmosphere becomes soother both in the morning and afternoon.

Exploring Lotah Lake
The first thing to do in Lotah Lake is as simple as sightseeing. Tourists only need to sit or stand on the wooden bridge and enjoy the nuance there. There is even a small gazebo for tourists to use. During the relaxation, they can enjoy photography as well! Thus, do not forget to carry a camera when visiting the lake. The panorama of the horizon is worth to capture too, in fact! Also, visitors can take selfies to their heart’s content.

Here is the fact. The Indonesia local government has given a significant attention to Lotah Lake. They even have the plan to build a lake park there! The purpose is to increase both comfort and beauty of the site. This way, for the locals, the lake becomes a nice place to spend a family recreation. For outsiders and foreigners, it becomes another vacation to visit in holidays. The prime activities are photography, sightseeing, and relaxation.

The thing is that tourists are not allowed to swim in Lotah Lake. Not only the lake is deep, but it also doesn’t feature crystal clear water. That means everyone would feel uncomfortable when swimming in it. As an alternative, visitors can rent a boat and get around the lake comfortably. Despite the fee, it becomes an amusing experience for them no?

Nearby Attractions

  • Moronge Village
  • Karakelong Island
  • Melonguane City

How to Get There
From Manado City, tourists can simply take an airplane from Sam Ratulangi International Airport and head to Melonguane Airport at Karakelong Island. Have no worries. It is considered a short flight, which takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes. Once arriving at the destination, the next thing to do is to get a boat service and head to Salebabu Island. Lastly, tourists only need to head to Moronge Village where the lake resides.

Where to Stay

  • Mentari Inn

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